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Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Download 2016-2017 Adjunct Faculty Handbook (pdf)


Welcome to the faculty of El Centro College!

The Dallas County Community College District Board of Trustees approved four thematic priorities starting with “Employee Success.” The rationale for this is that without employee success, training, and engagement they cannot help our students be successful. You are part of the focus on employee success. El Centro’s core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, inclusiveness, and stewardship define who we are.

We appreciate the contribution you make to the education of our students. This experience can be enriching and rewarding. You were selected because you possess talents and knowledge that will enhance the expertise of the entire faculty, and we encourage you to use your abilities to their fullest extent. In the nearly 50 years El Centro College (ECC) has been in existence, the College has engaged a large number of well qualified, dedicated faculty in providing the highest levels of instruction for our students. I am pleased to have you among those ranks!

ECC is an open door, comprehensive community college with the mission of: “Changing lives through higher education.” We offer an array of associate degrees and certificates and an expansive number of continuing education and workforce courses and programs. Students may be planning to transfer to a four-year campus to complete their baccalaureate degrees or to go directly into the workforce or careers of choice upon program completion. Our curriculum is rich with both traditional liberal arts courses and with career and technical courses.

We want to see each student be successful. The most important activity is the learning that takes place with your direction and leadership. Please remember that we provide a full array of academic support to assist students.

For those who have not previously taught at El Centro, you may have questions about the college. This handbook will answer many of your questions and the administrative offices of the Deans stand ready to answer those questions that are not answered here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The handbook has been prepared to give you some of the essential information you will need to do the best job with our students. Some of the material is policy to which you must adhere. Please review the handbook thoroughly and seek clarification on any points you may need. We hope the information helps to make your experience here a rewarding and enjoyable one. The administration, faculty, and support staff at El Centro will assist you in providing a successful educational experience for our students. Please take a moment to read our Vision, Mission and Core Values statements. They serve as a guide for all of us as we perform our different roles at the college.

I hope you have an exciting and successful academic year. I look forward to working with you as, together, we move El Centro College into the future.

Thank you!

Dr. Jose Adames