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Committee Members

Involvement and Forming the Planning Committee
In order for the strategic enrollment management planning process and the resulting action to be effective, broad institutional involvement was critical. A strictly top‐down or bottom‐up plan would not get very far due to a lack of broad‐based ownership.
It was essential that our strategic enrollment management planning committee be formed and that it be comprised of individuals from all segments of the campus. This means exactly what it implies. Membership has included representatives from all segments of the campus from senior management to student representatives.
It was also a good idea for us to have a senior faculty member who is widely respected. The authority of senior administrators was delegated to committee chairs. The wisdom of this was that if they had led the group, only that one voice would be heard. In the interests of open communication and dialogue, it was essential that we utilized the Compression Planning process led by two competent facilitators to assist and to orchestrate the committee’s deliberations.  These Compression Planning facilitators served the role of external constituent groups which should be included on the strategic enrollment management planning committee. They brought significant input to the process and made for the liberty of the committee members’ expressions of different perspectives. 
Ex-Officio Member

Dr. Chemene Crawford —Vice President, Student Services and Enrollment Management

Strategic Enrollment Management Committee Members

Acosta, Kathy—Director, College Programs
Barrientos, David—Coordinator, Grants Management & Compliance
Coffman, Gina—Advisor, Financial Aid
Donaldson-Steverson, Adrienne—Faculty, Health & Legal
Farrington, Keisha—Assistant Director, Business Office
Francis, Monty—Associate Dean, Student Outreach and Recruitment – (Committee Chairman)
Fugitt, Marja—Specialist, Continuing Education
Garza, Becky—Associate Dean, Enrollment Services – (Committee C-Chair)
Hevel, Jenny—Coordinator, College Rising Star Program
Hill, Donna—Manager, College Testing
Holloway, Toni—Coordinator, College Outreach & Recruitment
Hoy, Philip— Coordinator, Veterans Affairs
Isbell, Teresa—Dean, Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
Johnsen, Evelyn—Coordinator, Grants Management and Compliance
Lucas, Pam—Director, Financial Aid
Martin, Don—Director, Health and Legal
Morris, Greg—Executive Dean, Arts and Sciences
Pipkins, Jermain—Associate Dean, Student Services
Pollard, Jennie—Executive Director, Corp. and CE, BJP
Reed, Karin—Distance Education Instructional Application Specialist
Rodriguez, Edwin—Adult Resource Center
Saucedo, Nataly—Specialist, Outreach and Recruitment
Staley, Priscilla—College Director, Marketing and Public Information
Stills, Karen—Associate Dean, Student Services, Grants, Resource & Community Development
Taylor, Vanessa—Faculty, Arts & Sciences
Theriot, Lisa—Executive Director, Communications/Math & Student Support Services