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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Professional Development?
  1. Professional Development is an initiative set up by El Centro to give employees access to training which could be beneficial in their current and future positions inside and outside the district.
2. Why is Professional Development important to me?
  1. This department can be extremely beneficial to those wishing to improve their current skills and to develop new ones. There is a variety of different training and something to suit everyone.
3. How do I document training/conferences outside of the district?
  1. We have a form which is used to document training or conferences held outside of the district offered trainings. By filling this form out we will be able to give credit and to keep your employee professional development training hours up-to-date.
4. What kinds of trainings are mandatory?
  1. There are 3 different trainings which are expected to be completed by every college employee. These trainings are: FERPA, Campus Safety, and a third training decided upon by our Executive Staff. This year it is Sexual Harassment.
5. How do I keep up with my Professional Development Plan (PDP)?
  1. This is a personalized plan decided by you with input from your supervisor. There are trainings which both of you need to agree upon, to further your talents in your current position, but then also there are opportunities for training in areas of your choice. You will meet with your supervisor and go over this plan together to best lay out your goals and future. Both you and your supervisor should keep a copy, whether electronic or paper, so there is no question about your PDP.
6. How might I set up a training session?
  1. To set up a training session we have prepared another form so that we can create a class in Colleague. This is to allow employees to register for your class quick and easy. Once we receive a training request then we will set up the class in Colleague and people will be able to register for it.
7. Do the training sessions cost anything?
  1. If the training session if within the district then there will be no cost. Conferences and workshops outside the district may cost money. Depending on your department and supervisor you may be qualified to receive permission to go to these outside trainings with no cost to yourself.
8. How do I view my professional development transcript?
  1. You can view your report by logging into eConnect under the “Employee Menu.” Then select “Staff Enrichment Report” under “My Personal Information.” Then select which term you would like to view and press submit.