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Office of Adjunct Faculty Support

Welcome to the Office of Adjunct Faculty Support

We are here to provide adjunct faculty members and staff with superb customer service and the support needed to increase student learning and student success.

Mission Statement

"Our Mission is to provide the adjunct faculty with the necessary tools and support needed to maximize instructor efficiency in the classroom."

Services offered:

  1. Computer work stations
  2. Copier services
  3. Conference areas
  4. Dining area with vending machines and refrigerator
  5. e-Campus/e-Connect assistance
  6. Fax service
  7. Beginning/End of semester assistance
  8. Lockers
  9. Mailboxes
  10. Print service
  11. Scanning machines
  12. Scantron machine
  13. Sensitive document disposal
  14. Student assignment drop off

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