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Professional Support Staff Association

“Experience the Growth”

Who We Are:

The Dallas County Community College Professional Support Staff Association (PSSA) was established in 1968 by DCCCD Chancellor Bill Priest, sanctioned the establishment of an association to represent professional support staff.

Why join PSSA?

  • PSSA is a voice for all Professional Support Staff employees. As a member you have a conduit to address concerns that will be heard by the Chancellor and his cabinet.
  • Membership provides you with a voice in electing the PSS representatives from your campus.
  • You receive first-­‐hand information from the PSS Executive Council meetings with the Chancellor and his staff along with information from your campus President.
  • As a member you are eligible to participate in exciting leadership and professional development opportunities.
  • Membership entitles you to PSSA opportunities such as the chance to qualify for a DCCCD or ECC PSSA Scholarship Award.

How do I become a member?

The PSSA Membership Drive duration is September 1 through November 30. When you become a member during this time you have voting privileges. PSSA membership dues are $10 annually.

Complete the membership form and take it to the cashier at the business office at BJP or ECC or West campus. Make sure you give them your completed form, along with your dues and they will input your information on the receipt from the completed form and return the receipt and form back to you.

Once you receive you form and receipt from the cashier, please scan and email it to ECC PSSA Treasurer at v.mclemore@dcccd.edu

ECC PSSA Committees:

Scholarship Fund is designed to provide monetary support for those members who have committed to professional growth and meet approved scholarship criteria.

Fundraising is established to assist in raising funds to defray costs for events, scholarships and other designated events.

Events provides an effective and organized means of interacting for members to support and promote professional achievements and networking.

Professional Development is designed to promote the professional and personal development for its members.

Membership provides each full time and part time professional support staff employee the opportunity to join PSSA; along with encouraging "FRIENDS" to join and support the staff.

Officers for 2015-2017:

Anita Bedford, ECC PSSA President
Phone: (214) 860-5766
Email: abedford@dcccd.edu

Maggie Lopez, ECC PSSA Vice-President
Phone: (214) 860-2015
Email: maggielo@dcccd.edu

Verneda McLemore, ECC PSSA Treasurer
Phone: (214) 860-5792
Email: v.mclemore@dcccd.edu

Shahaadah Royal, ECC PSSA Secretary
Phone: (214) 860-5774
Email: S.Royal@dcccd.edu

Elise Chitty, ECC PSSA Parliamentarian
Phone: (214) 860-5710
Email: echitty@dcccd.edu