Mission Statement:


The El Centro College Architecture Program is an opportunity for students to get exposure to the wide variety of skills that architects must master, through a curriculum of fully-transferable Bachelor-degree level courses. The Architecture Program specializes in architectural history, aesthetics, elements of design, hand-sketching techniques, computer graphics, and structural concepts, and the courses are transferable into any public university Architecture program in the state.

ARCH 1311 Introduction to Architecture
Understanding the practice, principles, history, aesthetics, and influence of Architecture
3 credit hours
ARCH 1301  Architectural History I
The impact of social, political, and historical events on architecture, from pre-history through the Renaissance
3 credit hours
ARCH 1302  Architectural History II
Further exploration of the social, political, and historical events that impacted architecture, from the Renaissance to the present
3 credit hours
ARCH 1307  Architectural Graphics I
Using industry-specific software in the creation of construction drawings, conceptual designs, and compelling graphic presentations
3 credit hours
ARCH 1308  Architectural Graphics II
Further development of the artistic drawing skills necessary for creating compelling graphic presentations and conceptual designs
3 credit hours
ARCH-2312 Architectural Technology
Introduction to materials and methods in the design and construction of buildings, with emphasis on design expression and codes.
3 credit hours


 Architecture Faculty:

  Douglas R. Vail, AIA, NCARB, RAS
  Office 1106 One Main
  Phone 214-860-2713
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.