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WebDesk Ticket System

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Benefits of using Web Desk over email:
  • Better tracking than email, through use of online ticket system
  • Employees will be verified before they can create tickets in their department. This verification is only needed once, after they create a WebDesk account.
  • Tickets have assigned status:
    • New: initial state in which ticket goes into the queue
    • Open: assigned to a web developer; work has begun
    • Pending: work has been postponed per user request
    • Closed: work has been completed
  • Email will still be used, but only for notification purposes. For example, when a developer opens a ticket, a brief email is automatically sent to the user informing them that work has begun. Another notification email is sent when the ticket is closed, or whenever the developer leaves a comment on the ticket.
  • All communication such as questions or clarifications is now done within the ticket itself. We will no longer accept web requests via standard email.